Comprehensive Oil, Gas and Maritime Security Services.

Security threats such as oil theft, pipeline vandalism and illegal refining of stolen crude is rampant in the Oil & Gas Sector. We therefore provide comprehensive security services to mitigate the activities of saboteurs in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Sector.



Threat & Risk Analysis

Our specialists implement a threat and risk analysis plan based on understanding of various threat groups and geographical factors.
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Experienced Field Personnel

We don't employ just technology alone. We have on staff thousands of experienced fields personnel who are familar with the terain to protect clients’ assets.

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Drone & IoT

Our advanced technology allows us to safely and efficiently inspect pipelines, storage tanks, and other infrastructure to ensure their integrity.

24/7 Observation & Control Center

Our 24/7 observation and control center is the heart of our proactive security measures. Here, all sensor data from our drones and other surveillance systems

Any of the threats below may negatively affect the Nigerian economy.